Jennifer Wilde – A Point & Click Adventure Game

11 10 2017

wonderfully moody ‘Jennifer Wilde’ – A Point & Click Adventure Game with some exclusive rewards!

At the start of the Jazz Age in Paris in 1921, young French artist Jennifer Chevalier becomes embroiled in death, espionage and revolution which takes her across the three nations of France, England and Ireland – ably assisted by the ghost of Oscar Wilde. 



Official Lone Wolf and Cub Kickstarter

8 03 2016

Lone Wolf and Cub is an inspirational piece of work that has influenced a number of Western comic book creators such as Frank Miller. This seminal piece of Japanese manga history is now being mooted as a potential motion comic project on Kickstarter!

From the Kickstarter page

Kazuo Koike and SoraSeed, Inc. are teaming up to produce the official motion comic ofSamurai Lone Wolf. This project will bring together the technical know-how of digital motion and effects from the game industry, and the storyboard production and camera expertise from the anime industry to breathe new life into this mortal ballet of sword masters and ninja warriors for the digital era.


Gotham Motion Comic

1 02 2016

Motion comics have often been used as part of transmedia campaigns. Titles such as Dexter, Mad Max, and even videogames such as Command and Conquer, have all utilised motion comics as part of their promotional material. As viewers wait for the next series of Gotham to air (February 29th), viewers can get a preview of things to come with a series of short motion comics. The first episode ‘Penguin gets a chilly welcome’ can be viewed on the IGN website.

From the IGN website:

While Gotham is taking a midseason break, that doesn’t mean there aren’t new stories to tell before the show returns on February 29th. FOX, Warner Bros. TV and DC Entertainment have partnered for an original tale, told as a five-part motion comic, called Gotham Stories, which bridges the first and second halves of the season.

Introducing ‘Hilbert’s Place’

31 01 2016

I’ve begun work on a short comic book narrative that aims to explore possibilities with transmedia storytelling. The main protagonist (Hilbert), is someone who has been transformed into a being with incredible cosmic powers (and yes I was, and still am a huge fan of Jack Kirby!). I’ve created some initial sketches and ideas for a short-form comic book story. There is also a Twitter feed that features some of Hilbert’s thoughts and stories @hilbertsplace. I hope you enjoy the development of the story and please feel free to follow the feed and ‘converse’ with Hilbert! The comic will be coming out soon on various platforms.


Metawhal Alpha: Motion Book « Madefire

14 11 2015

Metawhal Alpha image

Madefire motion books continue to delight and surprise, and the latest creation of Liam Sharp ‘Metawhal Alpha’, combines his Lovecraftian-inspired horror narrative, with David Lupton’s dark and horrific artwork. The motion book also highlights the impact of sound within motion books, and it’s effectiveness within the context of the horror genre is particularly unsettling.

Quote from the website:

Kevin Milner has a rotting corpse in his mill. A BIG corpse. How and why it is there he cannot possibly guess. And it keeps disappearing and returning with great chunks taken out of it. A Lovecraftian tale of urban horror, this illustrated short story will keep you guessing all the way to its terrifying conclusion!

Source: Metawhal Alpha: Motion Book « Madefire

The rise of ‘Motion Books’

9 11 2015

The past couple of years have largely been a transition from someone battling through the challenges of working on a PhD, to moving country and becoming a full time lecturer in Canterbury Christ Church university in Kent. As a result, this blog has taken a back seat, as my duties as a lecturer, researcher, designer and website developer have taken their toll. However, my research continues, and I hope to return to this blog on a more regular basis very soon. The focus may change slightly to reflect more broadly upon the digital comic book field in general, but my interest in motion comics and Madefire’s motion books will no doubt feature in several posts.

Job: Animator, Kona Joe Island/Dusky Projects.

22 01 2014

Great opportunity for motion comic animators!

We are currently seeking an animator to join our team for pre-production work. At the moment, we are in need of some light touch ups on pre-existing material and can offer copy/credit. However, we are interested in expanding our team as the project grows. Responsibilities will include: inking, outlining, shading, color and prepping for animation.


To view the series please go to:
Please contact, attn-animator

Job: Animator, Kona Joe Island/Dusky Projects. NYC/Philadelphia film tv.