‘Dear Spider…’ for iPhone and iPod touch

29 10 2010

Dear Spider, Love, The Fly

Episode 1 of Colin Reid’s masterfully constructed ‘Dear Spider, Love, the Fly’ is now available as a download on iTunes. The app features a free score for the theme, and audio prologue and wallpaper for your iphone.

‘Dear Spider…’ chronicles the fictional life of Herman Allsop, a twisted poisoner/alchemist and ringleader of the ‘Circus of Grotesques’. Reid’s dark tale is wonderfully illustrated and incorporates a rich texture of typographical design and decoration. The score was also composed by Reid and provides an evocative soundtrack to accompany Herman’s dark deeds.

“Meet Herman Allsop – son of a pharmacist, bon viveur and ruthless killer…

Dear Spider, Love, The Fly is a 15 part original fairy tale from Belfast. Set in 1905, the year Einstein published Special Relativity, it follows the story of 15 year old Grace and her younger brother James as they fall into the clutches of Allsop and his Circus of Grotesques, which has recently arrived in Belfast from London.”

Dear Spider for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store.


Interactive Macbeth DVD-Rom

25 10 2010

Macbeth Motion ComicClassical Comics have completed a DVD-Rom of their ‘Macbeth’ motion comic (see my previous post on the interactive demo). It’s available as a single user edition or multiple user ‘site licence’ edition. This form of delivery is akin to software distribution for corporate or educational software.

Certainly, the educational potential of this DVD must be considerable, as the ability to change between the original dialogue/text and contemporary English is available. However, as with recent motion comic releases, Macbeth is restricted to certain regions, namely the U.K. and Australia at present.

Interactive Macbeth Demo.

Hell On Earth Teaser

23 10 2010

This motion comic teaser by Creeping Death Productions has caught my eye. It features a heavy metal soundtrack, the kind of ‘flesh and fantasy’ artwork that wouldn’t be out of place in France’s ‘Metal Hurlant’ and a rebellious streak of anarchy that doesn’t take itself too seriously as exhibited by this quote from the site.

“This chit is the teaser for the muthrfucking monstrous motion comic series, “Hell On Earth” — a rock opera about the end of the world, featuring some of the best Rock and Metal songs ever written, mind blowing artwork, and an epic story full of sex, drugs, Rock and Roll, and flesh-eating zombie demons.”

Limited Edition Giclee prints at Postergarage printshop

12 10 2010

MaskI’m shamelessly plugging some of my limited edition prints, which can be found at postergarage’s brand new print shop website.

Each limited edition print is signed by yours truly and is printed on high quality archival paper. Hope you enjoy, Craig

‘Zits’ coming to CBS

12 10 2010

I highlighted a series of  motion comic adaptations of comic strip ‘Zits’ back in December 2009. Deadline.com have recently announced that it has been sold to CBS and will air on television in the near future. It’s unclear however if the format will remain as a motion comic adapation, or will be adapted into more conventional forms of animation for television.

From Deadline.com:

“Zits is a live-action family comedy based on the comic strip that explores the sardonic wit and hormonal angst of 16-year-old Jeremy Duncan.”

via Don Todd Sells 2 Shows To CBS Including Bruckheimer-Produced ‘Zits’ Adaptation – Deadline.com.

Stan Lee to Collaborate with Japanese Rock Star Yoshiki

11 10 2010

So Stan Lee and Japanese rock star Yoshiki Hayashi (of ‘X Japan’) are set to collaborate on a motion comic together. This story would seem far-fetched if it wasn’t for Stan Lee’s involvement with glam U.S. rockers ‘Kiss’ in the late seventies. Blood from each band member was extracted and poured into the vats of red ink used to print the first ‘Kiss’ comic (Marvel, 1977). We can also look to the recent success of manga-inspired ‘Scott Pilgrim’ as a possible catalyst for this new venture.

Website ‘JRock Revolution‘ states:

“Combining the talents of these two great artists, Stan Lee’s gothic-styled music Super Hero will be based on Yoshiki and his passion for music and his fascination with dragons. The music Super Hero will be a vigilante. Yoshiki’s music will be inspired by Lee’s story and will play an important role in the comic series. The Super Hero’s powers are triggered when certain musical notes are played on drumsticks by Yoshiki’s character. Additionally, Yoshiki will create music that will be heard in the motion comic”

Stan Lee to Collaborate with Japanese Rock Star – GalleyCat.