Fubar – A War between Cats and Dogs

23 08 2011

Featuring some cutting-edge compositing, courtesy of Hasraf Haz Dulull, Director and VFX artist, ‘Fubar’ tells the story of an on-going war between cats and dogs that echoes many of the concerns some have today regarding modern warfare and links to arms suppliers. After the initial shock/novelty of the protagonists, there’s plenty of unfolding action and storyline to keep you glued to this brief but beautifully executed motion comic short.

From the Director Notes:

“In a nutshell what is the synopsis of Fubar?

Fubar is an epic story of an on-going political war told in an alternate reality with cat and dogs.

Why create this alternate reality with cats and dogs?

One of my favourite books of all time is George Orwells- Animal Farm. I loved the idea of using certain animals to depict the chain of command politically. With Fubar I chose specifically Cats and Dogs as they have always been territorial animals but at the same time reflect certain characteristics which makes them stand out from one another. Each of them have their strong and weak points yet they both strive for territories. I used that to create the world of Fubar and the metaphor of what’s happening around us today with the military, government, war, media and politics.”



Untold Tales of the Comic Industry — Kickstarter

23 08 2011


Pledge some support for this innovative comic book documentary that aims to highlight the present state of the comic book industry … in all of it’s various guises! Visit the website.

From the website:

“This documentary takes a look at the comic industry from the inside out, guided by writers, illustrators, editors, distributors, Hollywood storytellers, and global fans of the art form. You’ll see the genesis of our shared love of comics, and explore the inspirations that keep creators running. You’ll learn what these creators love about the industry today, and what they hope to see improved for the industry’s survival tomorrow. No topic is off the table: economics, fan culture, the industry’s need to open its ranks to include a wider range of race and gender – it’s all discussed. This film isn’t a tell-all in the scandalous sense, but it IS full of honest stories and opinions offered up by the people behind the pages.”

Moore & Reppion: The Thrill Electric Teaser

3 08 2011

Teaser trailer for Leah Moore and John Reppion’s ‘The Thrill Electric’ … This looks like an interesting use of the motion comic genre to explore an earlier technological breakthrough, namely the telegraph. The trailer features an abundance of artist sketches and finished renders, as well as a sense of the ornate Victorian society that informs the aesthetics of the comic book and also the screen backdrops.

“The Thrill Electric is an up coming Channel 4 enhanced comic, exploring how the telegraph changed Victorian society every bit as much as the modern day internet.

Written by Leah Moore, John Reppion and illustrated by Emma Vieceli and Windflower Studios and animated by Little Loud Studios,

This promo is a preview showing work in progress. The Thrill Electric will be launched in Autumn 2011 and will be free worldwide.

See more coverage on the Moore/Reppion blog here: http://www.moorereppion.com/tag/the-thrill-electric/”