DMC | Digital Motion Comics

27 01 2011

I take my hat off to the team behind DMC …

The website compiles an exhaustive list of motion comics, reviews, user ratings and interviews. It’s a great resource for me as an academic researcher and for anyone interested in the emerging field of motion comics and I wish them all the very best for the website and future projects. I look forward to a growing list of titles in the future.


Motion Comics | Digital Motion Comics.


Lazy Teenage Superheroes

21 01 2011

This may well be a live-action, but considering that it was made for $300 I feel that Director Michael Ashton’s superhero inspired short film is certainly worth mentioning. The special effects are as good as if not better than many television shows depicting super powers (you know who you are), and the dialogue between a group of 20-something bachelor boys and a female friend is well written and funny. Everyman Tyler Richardson introduces his superpowered friends and provides some balance to the piece. My only problem with the film is that it’s only 12 minutes long … I want to see more from Michael Ashton!

YouTube – The Boy with Nails for Eyes – Trailer

3 01 2011

Shaun Gardiner’s ‘The Boy with Nails for Eyes’ has to be one of the most ambitious and innovative works of comic book art, sound design and new media I’ve seen in recent years. Gardiner’s illustrations are simply stunning and his talents as a soundtrack composer seems to attain new heights with each passing chapter. This trailer provides a glimpse of the richly-textured world that Gardiner has created.

You can view ‘The Boy with Nails for Eyes’ here >

Scott Pilgrim Title Sequence

3 01 2011

Art of the Title have a great interview/feature on the ‘Scott Pilgrim’ title sequence. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, the titles feature a mash-up of comic book, avant-garde animation, videogame and music video culture.

Visit this link >