Motion Comic – Interactive Macbeth

23 05 2010 have released an interactive demo of their upcoming Macbeth motion comic. The voice talents of Juliet Stevenson and the estimable Sir Derek Jacobi add gravitas to this title. This interactive motion comic enables the viewer to decide which version of the Macbeth text they prefer. There’s the original text, a ‘plain text’ and finally a ‘quick text’. It’s a very useful feature to have considering Shakespeare’s classical prose and will possibly appeal to secondary level educational institutes.

There’s also a useful navigation panel to aid the reader. Macbeth ,for the uniniated, may require multiple readings and alternative forms of original text and ‘plain text’ to fully understand the complexities of the narrative. Whatever you may think of the motion comic itself, it’s potential educational market must be considerable.

Interactive Macbeth Demo.


Tales of The…

14 05 2010

Tales of the

Tales Of The… is an online weekly blog-style anthology incorporating all types of creative media. Hosted at, its aim is provide a platform for Northern Irish creators to showcase film, artwork, prose, audio and just about any other type of creative endeavour you can think of. A new piece is published every Sunday and the intention is to create exciting fiction, without being tied to any particular genre.

Tales of The… | presenting exciting multi media fiction.

YouTube – This American Life: Animation from Season 2

12 05 2010

Wonderful motion comic illustrated by Chris Ware and John Kuramoto. Ware’s clean lines and acute design aesthetic works particularly well with the sharp editing and exploration of spatiality on-screen. There are elements of deformation, such as bending arms, but for the most part, it follows the motion comic aesthetic of rotating objects and performing simple object transformations.

YouTube – This American Life: Animation from Season 2.