‘The Angel,’ by Dean Haspiel, Moby and Daniel J. Kramer

16 02 2011

The artistic talents of Dean Haspiel and Daniel J. Kramer have created a wonderfully poetic blend of comic book, motion comic and poignant musical score, courtesy of Moby. Haspiel and Kramer recently collaborated on Billy Dogma in “Sex Planet”, but with this project, both artists wanted to push the experience of watching their motion comic into a more viewer-centric experience,

‘The Angel’ is about personally grieving over lost loves and finding that perfect partner.  By creating a slower pace to the movement and revealing the typography over time, the viewer reads the comic and it becomes a personal and active experience.” Daniel J. Kramer from LAtimes.com

The emphasis of text and musical score alters the way in which the viewer consumes the narrative, from an arguably passive to a more active role. Moby’s musical score, created specifically for the project, is both light in approach yet strangley melancholic. The sweeping synths allude to the protagonist’s search for that perfect partner.

‘The Angel,’ a heartbreak in motion from Dean Haspiel, Moby | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times.


View Haspiel and Kramer’s earlier motion comic, Billy Dogma in “Sex Planet”


Dr. Professor’s Thesis Of Evil – A ‘Motion Novel’

9 02 2011

‘Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil’ is a wonderfully tongue-in-cheek independent film project, featuring some great cgi and digital compositing. The film was created by a group of young and enthusiastic indie film makers from Oulu, Finland, who describe the project as a “super villain Motion Novel”. Certainly the camera movement and static imagery in combination with 3D, illustration and special effects, evokes a sense of the multi-layered motion comic approach.

The sophistication of the resulting composite film is a testimony to the team behind Thesis of Evil. Visit the website for more information on the film and the talented crew.


iPhone app : “Perfect Echo” interactive motion comic

3 02 2011

Termed an ‘interactive audio and visual experience for iphone and ipod touch’, Perfect Echo is a free app that introduces the futuristic city of Elysium. The interactivity allows the reader/viewer to dictate the pace of the story at their choosing. In many ways it’s very similar to the experience of reading a digital comic, however subtle sound effects and simple animation techniques add a further layer of depth to this motion comic. It’s an interesting experiment and the first episode is free!

“In a far-away future, the city of Elysium stands in a deserted land. Listening to music, as well as other normal activities, have been forbidden to the people living there, in order to limit their thirst for freedom. A group of people bound by destiny will fight to change the rules of this system…” From lightcomics.com website


YouTube – iPhone app : “Perfect Echo” by LightComics.com.

FUBAR Motion Comic – Official Trailer

3 02 2011

This trailer for the upcoming ‘Fubar’ motion comic is incredibly rich in detail. Created by Hasraf Haz Dulull using the compositing tool ‘Nuke’, Fubar charts the end of a war fought between different animal factions. There’s a level of photorealism employed by Dulull that is complimented by freeze-frame roving cameras, explosion effects and a sophisticated use of lighting effects. Hopefully the finished short film will introduce a blend of this ‘hypervisual’ feast with an equally compelling narrative.

via FUBAR – Official Trailer 2011 on Vimeo.

Why I won’t be buying an iPad in the near future

1 02 2011

I own a shiny Apple Macbook pro. It’s a machine that allows me to create as well as consume content, however and whenever I wish. Apple have always been the slicker, better dressed cousin of any other platform or operating system out there, fact! The launch of the iPad has ushered in a new era where comic books finally have a portable screen-based device that makes reading digital comics a pleasure. I must admit, I’ve been tempted to ‘splash the cash’ on such a device as part of my research into the emergence of motion comics. However, news coming out of the New York Times website suggests that for the owners of devices such as iPads, a new policy by Apple threatens to undermine the growth of digital comics on their devices.

“The company has told some applications developers, including Sony, that they can no longer sell content, like e-books, within their apps, or let customers have access to purchases they have made outside the App Store. Apple rejected Sony’s iPhone application, which would have let people buy and read e-books bought from the Sony Reader Store. ” From NYTimes.com

How, you might ask, does this affect me as a comic book reader? Imagine the new Dark Horse digital comic book store is ready to go online. They want to sell their digital comics for lower prices via their unique app. One only has to check out Mark Waid’s recent interview with Newsarama to discover that the consumer and creator of digital comics are not getting a fair deal … Mark-Millar

It seems that Apple have decided that it’s not enough that they’re already getting a percentage from each app that’s sold, they want to create the equivalent of a bespoke content platform, where everything must conform to Apple’s particular standards (It’s already happened to any content that features Flash for instance). They are effectively barring consumers from accessing cheaper content available outside of the apps store. The following quote from James L. McQuivey, highlights the change in focus by Apple, and points to the apps platform as a somewhat insidious construct:

“This sudden shift perhaps tells you something about Apple’s understanding of the value of its platform,” said James L. McQuivey, a consumer electronics analyst at Forrester Research. “Apple started making money with devices. Maybe the new thing that everyone recognizes is the unit of economic value is the platform, not the device.” From NYTimes.com

I personally hope that this is a misunderstanding, and Apple will see the error in turning their popular Apps store into a large stick to beat the smaller publishers and content creators with. If not … watch the Android platform make significant progress against Apple!