Usagi Yojimbo: A Life of Mush

26 04 2012

Although this short motion comic lacks a certain sense of sophistication in terms of the animation, it’s a great introduction into the world of Usagi Yojimbo, the Samurai rabbit. The story features a young peasant boy who wants to be a samurai rather than a farmer. His brief encounter with Usagi Yojimbo alters his perspective, albeit after a couple of false starts.

Usagi Yojimbo: A Life of Mush – Dark Horse Comics – YouTube.


Dark Horse – The Secret

11 04 2012

‘The Secret’ is a 4-issue limited series comic book written by Mike Richardson and drawn by Jason Shawn Alexander. The artwork’s gritty quality compliments the dark storyline.

High-school student Tommy Morris attends a party at his friend Pam’s house where students prank call a random number and say “I know your secret” and tells the person on the other end to meet them at a local park at midnight. Pam calls a man who replies in a monsterous voice “How do you know my secret?” Shortly after, Pam disappears mysteriously. With the police not helping, Tommy must work alone to discover who was on the phone that night and what happened to Pam.

Dark Horse – The Secret: Chapter 1 – YouTube.

Nebecula Major – Trailer for new motion comic series

11 04 2012

From the website:

Nebecula Major is a series of moral fantasies about a group of independent scientists aboard a mobile space research base, who travel beyond our own world to explore the Large Magellanic Cloud called Nebecula Major.

Guided by the principle to prove all things, their adventures verify that Truth is universal.

Nebecula Major is an original motion comic series produced by C. & Q. Bowman Productions.