‘Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers’ Trailer

14 03 2011

The sudden arrival of a ‘Thor & Loki’ trailer seems timely as we consider the upcoming live-action ‘Thor’ movie. Marvel have augmented the original work by Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic with a range of effects, animation techniques and an epic soundtrack. The mini-series focuses on Loki, as the ruler of Asgard. His brother Thor is bound in chains in a dungeon, Odin seems powerless to interfere, and his subjects are reluctantly forced to kneel before him. But ‘Loki the trickster’ is perhaps doomed to fail as he is beset by a host of problems and plagued by a nagging sensation of a future destiny that is pre-ordained. It’s a great comic book mini-series that defines the relationship between the two brothers and perhaps enables us to have some sympathy for the god of mischief.

“Marvel Knights Animation is proud to announce “Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers,” an all-new four-episode series debuting on iTunes, Xbox LIVE, and PlayStation Network on Monday, March 28. Further episodes debut weekly on Wednesdays beginning April 6, with each high-definition episode priced at $2.99 (standard definition is also available at $1.99/episode).

Inspired by the acclaimed graphic novel from Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic, “Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers” takes a powerful look inside the minds of Thor & Loki, brothers in the mythical land of Asgard and seemingly forever enemies. But just why does Loki hate his brother Thor? And could it be that this master of mischief isn’t really the villain he’s been branded? Loki’s insatiable lust for power and his feud with Thor take on new meaning in this resonant epic.”


The Dream Detective – areyouawake.tv

10 03 2011

This gritty motion comic sits somewhere between the contemporary urban crime genre and the paranormal. It’s an interesting premise and the artwork and animation deftly employs many of the current techniques within the motion comic genre. Animated textual elements provide useful character information (always useful when introducing lots of characters in a limited timeframe), lighting effects enhance the overall mood and clever use of camera depth of field pulls you into distinct areas of the unfolding narrative.

*Please note this animation contains work of an ‘adult’ nature*

“The Dream Detective tells the story of Aaron Street, a three-time loser who gets one last change for redemption when he discovers he has an unusual power: the ability to see murders as they happen and track down the killers. In short order, this gets him out of jail, into a fast car and hooked up with a sexy new partner. But it all begins to go horribly wrong when Aaron comes across a killer who shares his unusual gift. The dream quickly becomes a nightmare.”

Visit the website – http://www.areyouawake.tv/