Prologue: The Crows – The Boy with Nails for Eyes

27 03 2010

Crow detail from 'The Boy with Nails for Eyes'

Written, illustrated and musically scored by Shaun Gardiner, ‘The Boy with Nails for Eyes’ is a highly accomplished and visually evocative piece of work that firmly retains a comic book aesthetic, while exploring new media forms of navigation. The prologue displays various themes of war, mythology, impending danger, and the spectre of industrialisation.

Gardiner’s artwork combines mixed media such as chalk, acrylic, spray paint, ink, pencils charcoals, collage and photography. The following extract from his website details the artistic process.

“In the case of The Boy with Nails for Eyes, the images are generally composed with gradual ink washes onto pencil outlines, before being detailed with acrylic, chalk, charcoal and pencil, before being scanned into Photoshop. There, it can be a case of simply adding some colour, or bringing in various photographic or digital elements, or altering the original image in some way. More often than I’d like, I have to fix mistakes in the original drawing.”

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Iron Man Extremis

26 03 2010

Iron Man Extremis is the latest release from the Marvel range of motion comics. Created by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov, “Extremis’ is a notable departure from the typical Marvel motion comic. The animation by ‘Magnetic Dreams’ utilises 3D character animation, with a particular emphasis on the Iron Man suit, which the camera can explore in great detail and in x, y and z dimensionality. I hope to interview some of the team behind this new Marvel series in the very near future.

Patricia Zohn on Walt Disney Animators

19 03 2010

Visit > Patricia Zohn on Walt Disney Animators | Culture | Vanity Fair.

Great article highlighting the tireless work of the many women who worked on Disney Studios production line. Certainly worth a moment of your time if you’ve ever marvelled at the attention to detail and quality of the early Disney cartoon.

Command and Conquer 4 – Motion Comic

9 03 2010

The first part of this motion comic series features the scripwriting talent of Jackson Lanzing, the artistic team at Ape Entertainment and the motion graphic production of Chase Boyajian. The resulting motion comic displays some subtle camera movement, depth of field and minimal character or object movement. Although the story provides some interesting background on the protagonist Christian Pierce, it may require some knowledge of the intricacies of the Command & Conquer universe to fully understand the various factions at play within the story.

EPISODE ONE – AN UNEXPECTED HERO. The year is 2068, and Tiberium has nearly destroyed our world. Christian Pierce, a young farmer and militiaman who is quickly losing his livelihood to the encroaching crystals, leaves his family and heads for the nearest GDI Blue Zone to find work. But what he finds there isn’t just a job. It’s destiny.