The Goon Re-Enacts ‘A Christmas Carol’ – Dark Horse Comics: A Goon Christmas – YouTube

14 12 2012

Rejoice! Writer and artist Eric Powell, and Director Erik Bruhwiler bring you a ‘Christmas Carol’ like no other!

This version of Dickens’ festive tale re-imagines the classic Victorian tale in a style more in keeping with ‘The Goon’. Powell clearly enjoys subverting some of the characteristics of the various protagonists within the narrative. In particular, Bob Cratchett seems more interested in enjoying himself, than providing for his sickly child. Instead of working on Christmas day, as Scrooge suggests, Bob declares “Screw that! I’m making merry, aka gettin’ real drunk!”


Bill Plymptons Cheatin’ – An Animated Feature Film by Bill Plympton on Kickstarter

14 12 2012

Bill Plympton is renowned for his ‘indie’ approach to animation, which has spawned a number of memorable animated films over the years, including the oscar nominated ‘Your Face’. Bill is trying to raise funds for his latest animated film on Kickstarter. He’s not asking for much money, considering the intensive work he and his small team are putting into the project, and there are some great ‘rewards’ for fans of this animation master to purchase, including signed DVD copies of the finished film.

Cheatin' by Bill Plympton

So I relented … Plus one other thing

4 12 2012

Some time ago I wrote that I wouldn’t be buying an iPad in the near future. To be honest, I’d forgotten all about that particular post until I spotted it glaring at me today. The truth is I’m now an owner of a iPad and have the obligatory Comixology “App”. So what changed … Thinking purely from a consumer’s perspective, I think it was one of the best electronic purchases I ever made. I am an avid reader of comic books, of all genres and demographics. The iPad allows me to download just about any comic book title I would have bought in a comic book store, at anytime day or night. While I hope this isn’t the death of the comic book store, I do hope it helps to broaden the reach of comic book culture. The recent outcry against female cosplayers indicates that there’s more work to be done before comic book culture becomes a welcoming and accessible medium to all types of people. (Some interesting debates and comments)

To summarise, when I think of the growing maturity and diversity of the comic book medium, I find myself asking “If comic books have grown up … shouldn’t we?”

The Dandy Online Digital Comic

4 12 2012

The Dandy have just released their online digital comic, which uses html5 technology to have simple interactivity and navigation etc. I grew up reading this mainstay of British children’s comics and hope that it develops into a sustainable and profitable venture for them. Having said that, I do think that their current digital issue lacks a number of important details such as a clear ending to the narratives and a simple ‘back’ button to return the viewer to the main menu. Some further thought needs to be taken to bridge the gap between the comic book and the online version … Check it out now, the first issue is free:

The Dandy Online