Absence – A comic about epilepsy

25 05 2011

Absence is a wonderfully written and illustrated comic book narrative about the author’s experiences with epilepsy. Andy Luke’s mastery of comic book writing really shines through in this work, combining believable dialogue, personal insights and a calming presence that informs and delights the reader. Artist Stephen Downey has created a wonderfully understated and mature visual response to Luke’s writing, and the panel arrangements and design space works incredibly well both on the website (http://absencecomic.com/) and the free iPhone app that is also available. http://itunes.apple.com/app/id431842445


“Absence is a comic book. Based on the writer’s experiences over 30 years adapting to a life with epilepsies: puberty, first jobs, college and “sorting it out”. Ten thousand copies of the booklet were produced and distributed with funding from the UnLtd Millennium Award Scheme. The strip was adapted as a digital application free-of-charge by OxiComics.com and can also be read online at http://www.absencecomic.com”

Written by Andy Luke:

Andy Luke is a Belfast resident, a writer who draws. He mostly self-publishes with works including Bob’s, TRS2, Gran, Optimus and Me and Don’t Get Lost, and sells his comics direct to the public at locations around the UK.

He has contributed a wealth of industry news and columns to Bugpowder, Tripwire, Silver Bullets, Comics Village and Alltern8. He has also served on the committee of Caption, the country’s longest-running comics festival and is the Project Manager for Absence. Having spent over a year researching his next book, he’s looking forward to shorter, paid pieces.

You can email him [at] drewluke, gmail [dot] com, or follow his progress on http://andyluke.livejournal.com

Art by Stephen Downey:

Stephen Downey is a Belfast based comicbook artist and illustrator. He has worked with Titan publishing, AAM/Markosia, Atomic Diner, Heske Horror, Comic a Gael, Insomnia Publications and Beserker to bring his comics and artwork to the masses.

He is the co-creator of Cancertown and Slaughterman’s Creed, both with Cy Dethan and has worked on the Torchwood comic strip for Titan magazines.
He draws all day long and loves every minute.

You can email him: stephen [at] stephendowneygallery [dot] com or pay him a visit and follow his blog at www.stephendowneygallery.com


Nom Nom « firebirdgames.co.uk

24 05 2011

As a new media designer, as well as a PhD research student with an avid interest in all forms of moving image, digital culture and mobile devices it seems only natural that I’d want to experiment with apps for mobile devices. This experimentation has resulted in my first iphone and ipod touch app. Nom Nom is a new physics-based puzzle game for the iphone and ipod touch. It features 60 levels of action with four different themes (Jungle, Farm, Tundra, and City). Easy to play, but difficult to master, you must feed the hungry animals by bouncing food to them via the geometrical shapes. Feed the hungry animal 20 times to move to the next level.

Nom Nom « firebirdgames.co.uk.

My next creative practice piece will be a new motion comic iphone app, that draws upon my research and interest in the motion comic field.

Student Work « citamina / animatic

24 05 2011

This blog from the University of Wisconsin-Stout encourages visual story development and cinematic structure that can be applied across a variety of mediums.

visit link Student Work « citamina / animatic.

From the website:

“Citamina (animatic spelled backward) started off as a playful, end of the year student choice award given to the top animatics and animations created in my digital narrative class. Animatics are storyboards set to time and are one of the first steps in creating any animation (2D, 3D, stop-motion) or film. A large portion of the Digital Narrative Class is dedicated to visual story development and cinematic structure that can be applied across a variety of mediums. Building on these foundations, students are given the tools to create self-defined creative projects within the mediums of animation and digital cinema.”

Kevin Pontuti, MFA

Assistant Professor
School of Art and Design
University of Wisconsin-Stout