Gamelion – ‘I Must Run!’ for iOS, Android and PS minis

29 11 2010

Look beyond the somewhat stilted voiceover (and that’s being kind!) and there are some interesting cut sequences in this trailer for ‘I Must Run!’ by Gamelion.

“I Must Run! will be released world-wide for iPhone, iPad and PlayStation┬« minis still during December 2010, followed by a release on Android devices and other mobile platforms.”


Oliver Jeffers ‘Heart and the Bottle’ iPad Picture Book App

24 11 2010

Part of HarperCollins Children’s Books, ‘The Heart and the Bottle’ is an interactive children’s picture book available on the iPad. It features the narrative and illustrated work of Oliver Jeffers. Jeffers illustrations have been augmented using limited animation, touch-screen interactivity and the voice talents of none other than Helena Bonham Carter. The iPad app enables children to interact with the story in truly innovative ways. Apps like this can perhaps point the way in determining how interactivity and narrative can merge into immersive experiences for the reader/viewer.

YouTube – Oliver Jeffers ‘Heart and the Bottle’ iPad Picture Book App.

Amiga – Disney Animation Studio 1990

24 11 2010

Sam Palahnuk from ‘Disney software’ demonstrates some of the features of their animation software on the Amiga, and shows what a Disney animator can do with a brief animation of Donald Duck created using the software.

What’s evident even from this early clip of animation software is the impact of the computer on animation practices. We can also consider the advantages of storing data, playing that animated footage back without having to film individual cels and obviously sharing animation data across computer desktops.

Billy Dogma in “Sex Planet” Motion Comic

9 11 2010

Billy Dogma in "Sex Planet"

Daniel J.Kramer has directed/animated Dean Haspiel’s ‘Billy Dogma in “Sex Planet”. Watch the motion comic on Bleeding Cool, with an accompanying quote from Haspiel,

“If anything, our motion comic compliments the source material while adding a new dimension to the reading/viewing experience. It helps set a pace and acknowledges the power of comics that could otherwise be overlooked in our daily haste.”

I certainly think there is a greater emphasis on the source comic book text with this adaptation. Daniel Kramer’s approach allows the action to slowly reveal each panel or scene over time and the voiceover integrates seamlessly with the unfolding visual narrative. There is less emphasis on character motion and more emphasis on the tone and mood of the story’s sexual drive.

As a reader of comic books, I appreciate the inclusion of the multi-panel scenes within a motion comic. It strikes a balance between the lexicon of comic book language and the time-based medium it’s using to convey motion.

Billy Dogma in “Sex Planet” from Daniel J. Kramer on Vimeo.