The Darkest Hour – Motion Comic Trailer

15 10 2011

The Darkest Hour digital/motion comic provides some additional exposition to the upcoming live-action film. It’s a science-fiction themed action thriller set in Moscow, that follows five stranded people as they fight to survive a brutal alien attack.

Featuring the collaborative artistic talents of illustrators such as Ben Templesmith (30 Days of Night), Tom Fowler, Pia Guerra and many others, ‘The Darkest Hour’ is an prime exemplar of ‘convergence culture’ and transmedia and features comic, motion comic and live-action narratives

The motion comic is typically restricted to lighting and particle effects and simple camera movements. A series of text boxes and sound effects add further depth and atmosphere to the narrative. The addition of an interactive menu system allows the viewer to navigate the narrative and also incorporates a fullscreen feature, which is useful for viewers with smaller resolution settings.

The Darkest Hour.


The Green Wave

14 10 2011

The Green Wave, a documentary that depicts the wave of protests against government vote-rigging in Iran. The film blends filmed footage from the crowd, as well as an illustrated ‘motion comic’ aesthetic to depict the hardship of Iran’s people against state-orchestrated violence.

Directed by Ali Samadi Ahadi and featuring the motion direction of Professor Sina Mostafawy and Ali Soozandeh, The Green Wave will be playing in Dublin, Sheffield, London, Aberdeen and Bradford throughout October and November 2011.

From the website:
“THE GREEN WAVE is a touching documentary-collage illustrating the dramatic events and telling about the feelings of the people behind this revolution. Facebook reports, Twitter messages and videos posted in the internet were included in the film composition, and hundreds of real blog entries served as reference for the experiences and thoughts of two young students, whose story is running through the film as the main thread.”

Muppet Show motion comic

10 10 2011

Jim Henson’s ‘The Muppet Show’ as a motion comic? It’s not a combination that I would have initially thought of. However, Disney and ‘Double Barrel Motion Labs’ created a trailer for a Muppet Show motion comic series back in 2010. The approach to the animated sequences seem more aligned with limited animation, rather than the manipulation of static images, although the various panels and gutters do reinforce a comic book aesthetic. Hopefully the series will make a more public appearance soon.

“They’re back to corrupt a whole new medium”