Tales of The…

14 05 2010

Tales of the

Tales Of The… is an online weekly blog-style anthology incorporating all types of creative media. Hosted at www.talesofthe.com, its aim is provide a platform for Northern Irish creators to showcase film, artwork, prose, audio and just about any other type of creative endeavour you can think of. A new piece is published every Sunday and the intention is to create exciting fiction, without being tied to any particular genre.

Tales of The… | presenting exciting multi media fiction.


Fractured Visions – Comic book documentary

12 01 2010

I made this short documentary last summer. Fractured Visions is an ‘open source’ documentary of the comic book scene in the UK and Ireland. It highlights some of the themes and approaches to the medium that have emerged from social and political issues. This 2 part video features sequential artist David Lloyd (co-creator of V for Vendetta), artist Declan Shalvey, writer/artist Malachy Coney, writer/artist Bridgeen Gillespie and assorted clips from the 2d comic book festival in Derry, Northern Ireland. I’d like to dedicate it to the people who helped me along the way and the comic book writers and artists who kindly gave their boundless enthusiasm and precious time to the project.