▶ Superman: Red Son Motion Comics

3 10 2013

Warner have kindly released the Superman: Red Son motion comics on YouTube. The concept of Superman as a Russian citizen in the height of the Cold War was brilliantly executed by writer Mark Millar and the animation team at Karactaz notably use additional panels within the mise-en-scène.

▶ Superman: Red Son Motion Comics Ep. 1 "News of Superman" – YouTube.


MAiZ The Motion Comic | MAiZ

1 07 2013

MAiZ features the work of David Smith and a host of voiceover artists. It displays an innovative approach to motion comic production with a clearly defined use of multiple panels, combined with simple camera movements and clever use of sound effects.

“MAiZ – the adventure comic about Meli and Jaz and the mysteries of the universe.”

MAiZ The Motion Comic | MAiZ.

Ewig Mein / Forever Mine – Prolog Episode 0/7

13 06 2013

‘Forever Mine’, is a dark and thrilling series of motion comics starring the protagonist Linda Kaminski. The project merges social web 2.0 marketing with motion comic storytelling, but the most impressive aspect of the series must be the wonderfully illustrated sequences that depict the characters and settings. The artwork has a rich expressionistic aesthetic that compliments the dark undertones of the narrative. The German-based series has English captions in the Youtube videos, which can be accessed on the lower UI of the video panel.

Ewig Mein / Forever Mine – Prolog Episode 0/7 – Motion Comic – YouTube.

Past Away: Choose How You’ll Survive!

29 04 2013

‘Past Away’ is a new Kickstarter project that has a lot of promise. Combining motion comic aesthetics, drawn animation and interactive elements. The project certainly looks worthy of support, especially if the voice talent matches the visuals.


Marvel Knights: Inhumans Trailer

3 04 2013

The Inhumans trailer features Marvel’s super-powered royal family. With rumours of an Inhumans feature film, this should be one to check out.

Marvel Knights: Inhumans Trailer – YouTube.

A real-life Motion Comic

14 02 2013

Following the visual stylings of ‘Fubar’ and ‘Dr. Professor’s Thesis of Evil’, this motion comic promotes the work of a group of ‘Costumers’ from Mexico. Mixing both static and live-action footage, this promo motion comic demonstrates a playful energy that captures the spirit of cosplay. The costumes and art were inspired by the ‘New 52s’ from DC Comics.

Dusky Diana – The Last Days of Kartika

11 02 2013

The Last Days of Kartika webisodes 4 & 5

Catch up on the latest adventures of ‘Dusky Diana’, the “online graphic musical that uses Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop music to tell the story of the citizens of Kartika”.

FACEBOOK PAGE – Dusky Diana – The Last Days of Kartika

The new webisodes come out Feb 28th on the following vimeo channel:

From the website:
“The Last Days of Kartika is an online graphic musical whose intentions are to provide opportunities for upcoming artists, both local and international, to perform and collaborate with one another through this multi-media project. Through the use of Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop music it tells the story of the citizens of Kartika during its most troublesome times. Dusky Diana is the would-be hero recruited by underground rebel group Community Education in their fight to ruin the sinister Phercy Corporations. Will Community Edu save their city or be the cause of its destruction?”