Marvel Announces ‘Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers’

25 07 2010

Another mention of the upcoming Thor & Loki motion comic, set for release in 2011. The following excerpt from mentions the release and a brief description of the comic book miniseries it’s based on. The article also mentions “a new method of animation in “Thor & Loki,” and they say that it allows for much more movement and dynamic action than most motion comics have had so far.” One to look out for. (Following extract from

“At the Marvel: What’s Next: Welcome to the Digital House of Ideas panel, the publisher debuted a brand new trailer for their latest motion comic, Produced in concert with animation studio Magnetic Dreams, “Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers.” Timed to coincide with the “Thor” movie, the new motion comic will be released on April 2011.

Panelists John Dokes, John Cerilli, and Ryan”Agent_M” Penagos, emphasized that each new motion comic has been a testing ground to examine how fans read comics and what the best ways to turn comics page into something exciting to see in a motion comic are. Marvel’s also debuting a new method of animation in “Thor & Loki,” and they say that it allows for much more movement and dynamic action than most motion comics have had so far.

“Thor & Loki: Blood Brothers” is based on Robert Rodi and Esad Ribic’s 2004 miniseries “Loki;” This fully-painted series took a different route than most stories about Thor. Rather than being cast as the villain of the series, “Loki” explored Marvel’s Asgardian mythology from the trickster’s point of view. He was a sad and melancholy character, and demonstrated a depth of character rarely seen in his usual appearances.

Releasing “Thor & Loki” in 2011 is an obvious move, given the proximity of the “Thor” film. Considering the take on Loki in the book, this may prove to be an inspired tie-in to the movie, especially if Loki is the big bad guy at the end. The teaser trailer is a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, but there’s a chance that it may end up online at some point, so stay tuned.”

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Comic Con – Joe Quesada talks about motion comics

25 07 2010

An interesting quote from Marvel’s Editor in chief Joe Quesada from comic book resources coverage of Comic Con 2010. Quesada points to the ‘technology’ getting better all the time, instead of the animation team’s approach to creating motion comics. As far as I know, the technology they’re using has been available for years, with 3D software and digital animation software such as Adobe’s after effects. Until I get a chance to talk to more motion comic animators, or Quesada himself, this notion of improved technology requires further research: (Quote from Quesada below)

“The question of motion comics came up and whether they’ve proved successful enough to make more. “Stylistically, they’re all radically different, but with everyone we do the technology is getting better and better,” Quesada said, noting that a “Loki” motion comic was just announced and that it’s treatment of Esad Ribic’s art is a new step forward for the form and that with luck, in the next five years the motion comics out there would overtake the current crop in every way possible.”

via CCI: Marvel Heroic Age Avengers – Comic Book Resources.