Nom Nom «

24 05 2011

As a new media designer, as well as a PhD research student with an avid interest in all forms of moving image, digital culture and mobile devices it seems only natural that I’d want to experiment with apps for mobile devices. This experimentation has resulted in my first iphone and ipod touch app. Nom Nom is a new physics-based puzzle game for the iphone and ipod touch. It features 60 levels of action with four different themes (Jungle, Farm, Tundra, and City). Easy to play, but difficult to master, you must feed the hungry animals by bouncing food to them via the geometrical shapes. Feed the hungry animal 20 times to move to the next level.

Nom Nom «

My next creative practice piece will be a new motion comic iphone app, that draws upon my research and interest in the motion comic field.


‘Dear Spider…’ for iPhone and iPod touch

29 10 2010

Dear Spider, Love, The Fly

Episode 1 of Colin Reid’s masterfully constructed ‘Dear Spider, Love, the Fly’ is now available as a download on iTunes. The app features a free score for the theme, and audio prologue and wallpaper for your iphone.

‘Dear Spider…’ chronicles the fictional life of Herman Allsop, a twisted poisoner/alchemist and ringleader of the ‘Circus of Grotesques’. Reid’s dark tale is wonderfully illustrated and incorporates a rich texture of typographical design and decoration. The score was also composed by Reid and provides an evocative soundtrack to accompany Herman’s dark deeds.

“Meet Herman Allsop – son of a pharmacist, bon viveur and ruthless killer…

Dear Spider, Love, The Fly is a 15 part original fairy tale from Belfast. Set in 1905, the year Einstein published Special Relativity, it follows the story of 15 year old Grace and her younger brother James as they fall into the clutches of Allsop and his Circus of Grotesques, which has recently arrived in Belfast from London.”

Dear Spider for iPhone and iPod touch on the iTunes App Store.