So I relented … Plus one other thing

4 12 2012

Some time ago I wrote that I wouldn’t be buying an iPad in the near future. To be honest, I’d forgotten all about that particular post until I spotted it glaring at me today. The truth is I’m now an owner of a iPad and have the obligatory Comixology “App”. So what changed … Thinking purely from a consumer’s perspective, I think it was one of the best electronic purchases I ever made. I am an avid reader of comic books, of all genres and demographics. The iPad allows me to download just about any comic book title I would have bought in a comic book store, at anytime day or night. While I hope this isn’t the death of the comic book store, I do hope it helps to broaden the reach of comic book culture. The recent outcry against female cosplayers indicates that there’s more work to be done before comic book culture becomes a welcoming and accessible medium to all types of people. (Some interesting debates and comments)

To summarise, when I think of the growing maturity and diversity of the comic book medium, I find myself asking “If comic books have grown up … shouldn’t we?”




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4 12 2012

You’ve changed… 😉

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