Summer holiday catch up

8 07 2012

It’s been a while (way too long), since I posted my last blog here. A lot has happened in that time, including presenting a paper on motion comic adaptation at the ‘Contemporary Narratives’ conference in Nottingham university (featuring keynote speaker Professor Henry Jenkins), interviewing hypercomic creator Daniel Merlin Goodbrey, saying goodbye to my PhD supervisor (the gifted and erudite Dr Daniel Martin) who has left Queens for a South Korean university, and finally getting published in animation Professor Paul Wells’ journal, ‘Animation Practice, Process & Production’. Here’s a link to the latter:,id=2245/ .

There’s also the matter of the ‘Geek and Sundry’ adaptation of Dark Horse Comics Hellboy: The Fury into a six-part motion comic. After a lengthy exposition in the first episode, this series exemplified conventional motion comic practices with its style of motion, full-screen mise-en-scène and voiceover dialogue. It might have preferable to adapt an earlier Hellboy mini-series, however it seems that the motion comic is an attempt to draw attention to Hellboy’s plight and Mike Mignola’s upcoming series.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer wherever you are!




2 responses

9 07 2012
James Gracey

Craig! You’re alive!! ALIVE!! Sounds like things have been crazily hectic for you lately. Congrats on the presentation and publication, that’s fantastic news. Hope all else is well and the finish line is now well and truly in sight. 🙂

9 07 2012
Craig Smith

LOL! Cheers James, that means a lot. I have been a bit of a hermit recently and it’ll probably get worse before it gets better. I’m nearly there … have to write up Introduction and conclusion as well as re-editing past chapters, but I’m getting there amigo. Hope things are good with you and Johnski. We’ll have to catch up soon, been too long.

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