Angry Birds : The Motion Comic

13 09 2011

Angry Birds Motion Comic part one … This fan-made motion comic provides a gruesome exposition on the origins of the hatred between the pigs and the birds. The story is told purely via the comic/motion comic format and despite the lack of narration or dialogue, the emotive power of the soundtrack and visual imagery provides a gripping narrative.

Angry Birds Motion comic part two … featuring disturbing ‘Clockwork Orange’ style mind control over one of the ‘Angry Birds’. All is not well within the angry birds camp!

*Additional information on the creators of the Angry Birds motion comics –


Facebook (Sketches, storyboard, etc!):…

Art: Liisa Kareranta

Story/Sound: Heikki “hyjkar” Kareranta




8 responses

15 09 2011
dusky diana

this is wonderful. thanks for posting it, i love this game

15 09 2011
Craig Smith

I was addicted to Angry Birds as well 🙂 Such a well designed game.

18 09 2011

love motion comics . . . have you seen

19 09 2011
Craig Smith

Hi FlyMC, Thanks for the link to ‘Dwen’ … I’ll definitely mention it on the blog in the near future.

6 02 2012
chai yi xuan

i hope they could make part three
i love watching it

6 02 2012
Craig Smith

Absolutely … they’re great motion comics.

3 06 2013

Where’s part 3?

3 06 2013
Craig Smith

Not sure … but they’re really great motion comics. They have a facebook page, where you could contact the producers of the series.

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