Who is Dusky Diana?

11 06 2011

Dusky Diana

Dusky Diana is an innovative and exciting collaboration between musicians, vocalists, comic book artists and animators. Taking the form of a motion comic, Dusky Diana features the exploits of the eponymous heroine as she undertakes a dangerous mission. The motion comic mixes panel movement, text effects, multi-panel montage, and limited character movement to good effect. The accompanying soundtrack is a ‘must hear’ for any hip-hop fan.

A Community Education website also provides a wonderful set of preview tracks and digital downloads for the musical soundtrack.


From the DuskyDiana.com website:

The series is an online graphic musical whose intentions are to provide opportunities for emerging artists, both local and international, to perform and collaborate with one another through this multi-media project. Through the use of Funk, Soul, and Hip Hop music it tells the story of the citizens of Kartika during its most troublesome times. Dusky Diana, my alter ego/stage persona, is the would-be hero recruited by underground rebel group Community Education in their fight to ruin the sinister Phercy Corporations. Will Community Edu save their city or be the cause of its destruction?

The project challenges preconceived notions of what ‘art’ is by using comic book illustrations/animation and Hip Hop music to explores themes such as classism, ethnic discrimination, and nationalism. A season will culminate into a one hour theater piece, with a workshop presentation in Budapest.

In addition to grant support, we are also constructing an awareness campaign that intends to introduce the project to arts philanthropists and other potential financial partners. For more information please go to www.duskydiana.com

via DuskyDiana.com.




2 responses

13 07 2011
Burton Bush

Love the song ‘Go Away’ on the communityeducation.bandcamp site. It reminds me of a favorite soul artist of mine, Patty Drew.

3 11 2011
Alan Perry

Dunno how I missed this when you posted it. Nice, really like it. Love the print texture that they added/kept. It kind of reminds me of something you would have seen on Liquid TV at the time.

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