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24 05 2011

As a new media designer, as well as a PhD research student with an avid interest in all forms of moving image, digital culture and mobile devices it seems only natural that I’d want to experiment with apps for mobile devices. This experimentation has resulted in my first iphone and ipod touch app. Nom Nom is a new physics-based puzzle game for the iphone and ipod touch. It features 60 levels of action with four different themes (Jungle, Farm, Tundra, and City). Easy to play, but difficult to master, you must feed the hungry animals by bouncing food to them via the geometrical shapes. Feed the hungry animal 20 times to move to the next level.

Nom Nom «

My next creative practice piece will be a new motion comic iphone app, that draws upon my research and interest in the motion comic field.




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25 05 2011

Congratulations Craig – the game is great fun (and rather addictive!). Looking forward to seeing what you come up with next! Good luck with the rest of your PhD studies. Nom nom nom… 😉

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