The Thrill Electric- Coming soon!

19 04 2011

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything due to PhD commitments, but I thought this preview of an upcoming motion comic by writers Leah Moore & John Mark Reppion looked extremely promising. Set in Victorian England, in 1871 to be precise, ‘The Thrill Electric’ will comment on the emergence of the electronic telegraph and the men and women who blazed a trail in a new epoch of fast accessible electronic communication.

The Thrill Electric

From the website:

“The Thrill Electric revisits a generation who were at the cutting edge of technology, who had skills which took them to a whole new level, and created a whole new class of young affluent workers. men and women were working side by side often for the first time, trying to outclass one another with their telegraph skills. Feathers were ruffled, and the tension, well you could say it was electric!”




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