‘The Angel,’ by Dean Haspiel, Moby and Daniel J. Kramer

16 02 2011

The artistic talents of Dean Haspiel and Daniel J. Kramer have created a wonderfully poetic blend of comic book, motion comic and poignant musical score, courtesy of Moby. Haspiel and Kramer recently collaborated on Billy Dogma in “Sex Planet”, but with this project, both artists wanted to push the experience of watching their motion comic into a more viewer-centric experience,

‘The Angel’ is about personally grieving over lost loves and finding that perfect partner.  By creating a slower pace to the movement and revealing the typography over time, the viewer reads the comic and it becomes a personal and active experience.” Daniel J. Kramer from LAtimes.com

The emphasis of text and musical score alters the way in which the viewer consumes the narrative, from an arguably passive to a more active role. Moby’s musical score, created specifically for the project, is both light in approach yet strangley melancholic. The sweeping synths allude to the protagonist’s search for that perfect partner.

‘The Angel,’ a heartbreak in motion from Dean Haspiel, Moby | Hero Complex – Los Angeles Times.


View Haspiel and Kramer’s earlier motion comic, Billy Dogma in “Sex Planet”




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