Matt Pizzolo and Ben Templesmith’s ‘Black Sky’

13 12 2010

BLACK SKY: The Illustrated Film, coming soon from creator/illustrator Ben Templesmith (’30 Days of Night’) & director Matt Pizzolo (‘Godkiller’). Set in the future, a band of soldiers face a ‘strange, new enemy’, which possibly draws inspiration from the work of H.P. Lovecraft. I’m particularly impressed with the use of lighting effects in ‘Black Sky’, which add an extra sense of vitality and depth to Templesmith’s illustrated artwork. The addition of a Nine Inch Nails soundtrack adds to the general sense of impending doom.

The following excerpt from states Pizzolo’s aims for the project

“Also planned to be released as a comic book, Black Sky is a project that Pizzolo hopes will define the difference between existing drawings ported to the “motion comic” format and original, specially made “illustrated films.””

Pizzolo is certainly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with static illustrated artwork, and the scope of what he and Templesmith are trying to accomplish, in terms of long format filmmaking, must be applauded.

Additional links:

Black Sky Teaser from Halo-8 Entertainment on Vimeo.




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13 12 2010

Ah! There’s few things on this earth that can’t be made even better with a NIN soundtrack. I’m a bit stumped as to exactly which track that was though (I know it was on The Fragile) – Even Deeper?

I also can’t help noticing that the production company is Halo Eight – don’t all ‘Nails releases have a halo number? I wonder if Reznor’s going to move into making motion comics more often?

As to the trailer itself, I really like the off-kilter colour scheme, and the video-overlay effects really add a lot of life to the static images. As you say Craig, Templesmith’s really pushing the boat out on this…

14 12 2010
Craig Smith

Hi Shaun,

Good to hear from you. I think the work that Matt Pizzolo has done on Templesmith’s artwork is very interesting. It’s almost as if those glowing swirls and lights add another dimension of eerieness to the mix. I hope The Boy with Nails for Eyes is coming along well and you’re looking forward to the holidays?

And yes, NIN are amazing! 🙂


16 12 2010

Hey Craig,

It’s going pretty well thanks – I’m in the very final stages of the next chapter – I’ll send you a link, in case you want to have a look at the beta. And the holidays? Oh yes!

How about you? Thesis going well at the mo?



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