Lost Girl: The Interactive Motion Comic

7 09 2010

The motion comic debut of upcoming television series ‘Lost Girl’ (debuting on the Showcase channel on 12 September) features an energy draining succubus that feeds off the energy of her hosts, leaving a dried husk. However, it’s the radical departure in the approach to the motion comic narrative, namely interactivity, that sets ‘Lost Girl’ apart from other titles. Viewers can choose how the main protagonist acts in a given scenario, although there seems to be a limited ‘palette’ of choices in this instance, namely flight, fight or feed. All in all it’s an interesting departure and one worth checking out.





3 responses

2 11 2011

The link doesn’t work- do you know if the motion comic is still available?

2 11 2011
Craig Smith

hi Solo,

I’ve checked through the website and it seems they’ve completely removed the interactive motion comics, which is a real shame. I know there are some youtube movies online that show the motion comic in action, unfortunately you don’t get to see the interactive elements.

Thanks for raising that,

7 11 2011

Ah, I’m sorry I missed it! Thanks for letting me know.

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