Comic Con – Joe Quesada talks about motion comics

25 07 2010

An interesting quote from Marvel’s Editor in chief Joe Quesada from comic book resources coverage of Comic Con 2010. Quesada points to the ‘technology’ getting better all the time, instead of the animation team’s approach to creating motion comics. As far as I know, the technology they’re using has been available for years, with 3D software and digital animation software such as Adobe’s after effects. Until I get a chance to talk to more motion comic animators, or Quesada himself, this notion of improved technology requires further research: (Quote from Quesada below)

“The question of motion comics came up and whether they’ve proved successful enough to make more. “Stylistically, they’re all radically different, but with everyone we do the technology is getting better and better,” Quesada said, noting that a “Loki” motion comic was just announced and that it’s treatment of Esad Ribic’s art is a new step forward for the form and that with luck, in the next five years the motion comics out there would overtake the current crop in every way possible.”

via CCI: Marvel Heroic Age Avengers – Comic Book Resources.




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25 07 2010

I would imagine that more importantly the technology to deliver and view on online is becoming less of an issue these days with the increase in internet speeds and processor speeds. As Quesada says the technology for creating the content has been around for years, and has been being used for broadcast and dvd animation. But it’s now getting much easier to deliver higher quality content online these days.

26 07 2010
Craig Smith

Hi Starfox,

Certainly broadband has enabled high quality footage to be distributed online to the majority of the population in the U.S. and UK, however I think that Quesada is talking about the production methods that animation directors are employing to create motion comics. I may have to start ‘twittering’ him to get a response! 🙂

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