Infowars Contest Entry – Bodyscanners

16 04 2010

This compelling competition entry from the controversial highlights the current debate surrounding full body scanners at airports. Sarte, and indeed many other theorists in the 20th Century, anticipated the analysis of the gaze in, ‘Sustaining imperialist and rascist domination.’

The video features a series of static images which have been manipulated from a photographic source, accompanying text balloons and a sombre soundtrack. The resulting milieu of fractured imagery poses the question of what we have lost in terms of our civil liberties, and indeed to borrow a term from Alan Moore, ‘Who watches the watchmen?’

YouTube – SVH_Infowars Contest EntryV4_HD.wmv.




One response

17 04 2010

Interesting post, Craig. There’s something really quite creepy about that clip and something positively Cronenbergian about those ideas of the gaze, body scanners and existential surveillance… Thanks for the thought food.

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