The Secret of Kells

7 04 2010

I recently watched the wonderful Irish animated film ‘The Secret of Kells’, which was nominated for an oscar this year. The animated backgrounds are richly decorated and textured, which contrast in a subtle combination with the more modernistic (clean lines, angular shapes and minimlised detail) look of the characters.

The visually rich world depicted by Director Tomm Moore illustrates a dark period in Irish history as the invading ‘Northmen’ (vikings) lay siege to any community in their path. 12 year old Brendan must venture through family commitments, forbidden forests and a serpent god to complete the Book of Kells. Brendan’s friendship with the fairy Aisling, a mysterious forest dwelling white wolf/girl is particularly enchanting.

The Secret of Kells Website >>>




3 responses

7 04 2010

Looks amazing! Thanks for posting this Craig, definitely one to add to the ‘must-watch’ list…

8 04 2010

Yep, will definitely have to get a hold of this, looks great. It reminds me a little Samurai Jack, with the style of character design and more impressionist backgrounds.

1 06 2010
The Secret of Kells: the circle and the serpent

[…] nights ago my girlfriend and I watched The Secret of Kells. I’d been alerted to this film by Craig Smith’s blog awhile back. It looked like a good film (plus I’ve always been a sucker for animation) and I […]

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