Iron Man Extremis

26 03 2010

Iron Man Extremis is the latest release from the Marvel range of motion comics. Created by Warren Ellis and Adi Granov, “Extremis’ is a notable departure from the typical Marvel motion comic. The animation by ‘Magnetic Dreams’ utilises 3D character animation, with a particular emphasis on the Iron Man suit, which the camera can explore in great detail and in x, y and z dimensionality. I hope to interview some of the team behind this new Marvel series in the very near future.




3 responses

26 03 2010

Cool clip Craig – thanks for posting. The animation in this one seems much more detailed and, well, ‘animated’ than many of the other motion comic clips I’ve seen. Rock!

26 03 2010
Craig Smith

Hi James,

It reminds me more of a videogame segway, where the animation and graphical footage is merged at times. There’s no consistent aesthetic style, which I prefer. The interesting thing for me is that motion comics are evolving and have no ‘fixed’ parameters.

6 04 2010

Wow, pretty stunning, love it. It is a good example though, of the type of animation that makes me wonder what does the term ‘motion comic’ mean. I think it’s turning into more of a generic catch-all term rather than a literal term. I almost feel a little bit conned (in a good way) when I see something like this, since I’m always expecting to see some nice 2d artwork cleverly ‘motioned’ lol.

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