Command and Conquer 4 – Motion Comic

9 03 2010

The first part of this motion comic series features the scripwriting talent of Jackson Lanzing, the artistic team at Ape Entertainment and the motion graphic production of Chase Boyajian. The resulting motion comic displays some subtle camera movement, depth of field and minimal character or object movement. Although the story provides some interesting background on the protagonist Christian Pierce, it may require some knowledge of the intricacies of the Command & Conquer universe to fully understand the various factions at play within the story.

EPISODE ONE – AN UNEXPECTED HERO. The year is 2068, and Tiberium has nearly destroyed our world. Christian Pierce, a young farmer and militiaman who is quickly losing his livelihood to the encroaching crystals, leaves his family and heads for the nearest GDI Blue Zone to find work. But what he finds there isn’t just a job. It’s destiny.




One response

9 03 2010

Now that’s a nice piece of work, just enough motion to make it interesting, without messing around to much with the artwork.

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