YouTube – Bus Stop (Classic Sesame Street)

21 02 2010

This short animation from Sesame Street exhibits some wonderful interplay between the written word and image. It also features some innovative framing that’s reminiscent of the comic book panel. It may have a simple message or concept, but as an example of signs and signifiers, this little animation is conceptually elegant.




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9 03 2010

Amazing how these get embedded in your brain. Here’s another classic

9 03 2010
Craig Smith

10, 10, 10, 10 … Those classic sesame street animations are wonderful!

5 04 2010
Aharon Varady

I’m wondering if this is was the animated video for the song “Bus Stop” that appeared on the 1977 Sesame Street album, Signs!

Wish I could find more about who made and directed this for the Children’s Television Workshop.

7 04 2010
Craig Smith

Hi Aharon,

Thanks for the comment. It’s very dificult to find in depth information on Sesame Street shorts. It’s not on the official Sesame street video archive at … perhaps there’s a paper in this! 🙂

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